‘League Of Legends’ 12.10 patch notes detail game-changing Champion Durability update

This major 'League Of Legends' patch will make combat slower and more tactical

Riot Games has shared patch notes for version 12.10 of League Of Legends, revealing several system changes and a long-awaited Champion Durability update.

Patch 12.10 for League Of Legends is one of the most significant updates for the game to date, as the main focus is on making combat last a bit longer.

This means that across the board, all champions will receive significant buffs. This includes an additional 70 base health, an extra 14 health growth, a bonus 1.2 armour growth, and finally 0.8 more magic resist growth.


Along with these durability changes, several sustain and shielding mechanics are being weakened. Shielding, omnivamp and early-game healing will be reduced by ten per cent, however the impact of grievous wounds has also been scaled back to reflect these changes.

On the decision to change sustain systems, Riot explained that “a big takeaway here is that our goal is not to nerf sustain. Since each champion utilises sustain differently, some will be stronger with the update and others weaker.”

League Of Legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Touching on the broader durability changes, Riot shared players can expect to see “longer fights throughout the game, more effort required to burst down your foes, and bigger windows of opportunity for skill expression.”

“We expect this patch will shift the meta quite a bit, but as always, we’ll keep an eye out for any critical follow-up needed,” added Riot.

While patch 12.10 primarily focuses on game-wide changes for all champions, Swain in particular has been changed. From the latest update, Swain players will find that the character’s Demonflare ability will automatically cast when Demonic Ascension expires, and his Demonic Power will replenish upon getting a kill or assist.


In other League Of Legends news, Riot has revealed the game’s next champion, a monstrous jungler called Bel’Veth.