‘League Of Legends’ 12.14 preview details upcoming stability patch

The rest of the season is also set to focus on stability across the board

A Riot Games designer on League Of Legends has shared a preview of patch 12.14 before its release later this month.

Patch 12.14 is currently set to release on July 27 next week, but lead designer Matt Leung-Harrison has shared a preview of the update today (July 20).

“We’re going to be focusing on stability for the rest of the season (barring some crisis) to allow for players focusing on their ranked climbs and heading into Playoffs,” explained Leung-Harrison.


You can see the changes in the above tweet, but the Champions set to be buffed are Pantheon, Jarvan IV, Teemo, Alistar, LeBlanc and Varus. Meanwhile Sivir, Yuumi, Seraphine, Gnar, Zeri and Renata are all getting nerfed.

Some Champions are also set to be adjusted slightly, as Wukong’s HP regeneration is going up from 2.5HP per five to 3.5HP per five, Aatrox’s health per level will increase to 114, Rhaast’s health per level to 109, and Janna’s E Bonus Heal/Shield Power is going down from 20 per cent to 15.

There are also some system nerfs coming in League Of Legends 12.14 as well, as Challenging Smite will get a damage reduction to 10 per cent.

League Of Legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Regarding patch 12.14, Leung-Harrison also clarified that “it’ll be the last set of major changes sans World’s balance and we’ll be otherwise stabilising and moving everyone to Preseason.”


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