‘League Of Legends’ comedy series in the works by ‘American Vandal’ creators

The mystery of who threw the team fight

The series – titled Players – will be set in the League Of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and created by the pair behind American Vandal.

Announced on Friday (August 27), Players will be set in a fictionalised version of the LCS – North America’s League Of Legends esports scene – and will follow a fictional League team as they try and win their first LCS title after years of missing out. To do so, the team’s talented 17-year-old rookie and 27-year-old veteran will need to set their egos aside and learn to work together (thanks, Variety).

The series is being produced by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda and will be presented in a similar mockumentary style as American Vandal, which the pair created in 2017.


In an interview with Travis Gafford, Chris Greeley – Head of Esports for North America at Riot Games – states that the duo has been working with Riot to create the show, and real-life LCS teams will be “lending their brands and logos to the show”. He adds that Perrault and Yacenda have been “deep in the League Of Legends world for two and a half, three years” and have attended multiple LCS finals and regular-season games to learn more about the game and culture.

Riot Games writer Kien Lam has said that he has been working on Players “to keep the show authentic to our world”, adding:

“I know there are always concerns about mainstream media entering esports and making it “cringey” but we were super cognizant of that and hopefully avoided those pitfalls!”

While there’s no release date, the series will launch on Paramount+, which will not be available in the UK until 2022.


In other news, the latest Escape From Tarkov event means that Shoreline raids are even more dangerous, as Customs boss Reshala has moved into the Resort to team up with fellow boss Sanitar.

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