‘League of Legends’ European Championship release catchy emo ballad ‘Heartbreaker’

The music video celebrates an on-and-off fandom with LEC star Rekkles

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has released an emo rock ballad called ‘Heartbreaker’ to celebrate the broadcast’s return tomorrow (January 21) – watch it below.

Like the broadcast’s 2021 song ‘Reckless With My Heart‘, ‘Heartbreaker”s lyrics revolve around League of Legends pro player Carl Martin Erik ‘Rekkles‘ Larson. The upcoming LEC split will see Rekkles not only return to his long-time team Fnatic after several years away, but also return to the LEC after spending a year playing in France’s national league.

‘Heartbreaker’ is told from the perspective of a Fnatic fan who has continued to support Rekkles despite stints where he has left to play for other teams.


The emo track’s music video was filmed in Brandenburg, Germany, and stars LEC casters Daniel Drakos, Andy ‘Vedius’ Day, and Christy ‘Ender’ Frierson; along with a cameo from Rekkles. Watch it below:

Back in 2021, NME spoke to Drakos about the LEC team’s musical ventures and why it had clicked with the championship’s audience.

“Music enhances experiences – or can in itself be an experience – whether that’s your favourite player leaving a team and having an anthem as we did with ‘Reckless With My Heart’ or you know, something that goes behind your favourite moments in history,” shared Drakos. “We are just creatives who are good at writing lyrics and are giant nerds. And that’s our skill set. We’re very lucky that the LEC supported us and built the rest around us.”

Beyond the LEC, Riot Games has collaborated with a number of major artists to create music for the League of Legends universe. While Lil Nas X‘s ‘Star Walkin” was the latest, other artists to dabble in the world of League have included Sting, Imagine Dragons, and Chrissy Costanza.

In other gaming news, 2023’s State Of The Game Industry survey has identified player harassment as one of the leading issues facing developers.

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