‘League Of Legends’ is down for maintenance in North America

The maintenance period will last 12 hours

League Of Legends servers across North America are currently down for a period of 12-hour maintenance.

Last night, Riot Games shared a tweet announcing that it “will be performing extended maintenance impacting players in the NA region,” confirming that players across North America won’t be able to play either League Of Legends or Teamfight Tactics until the developer has completed its work.

Servers will be under maintenance starting today (August 18) from 9AM GMT / 1AM PT / 4AM ET until 9PM GMT / 1PM PT / 4PM ET.


League Of Legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games hasn’t explained its reasons for its lengthy maintenance period on the North American servers, only saying that it’s to “improve the experience.”

However, as spotted by GamesRadar, players on the League Of Legends subreddit have speculated that it could be due to the significant lag spikes they’ve been experiencing, while others have said that the game’s Application-Programming Interface (API), an in-game feature that tracks player statistics, has been producing inaccurate information for the past few days.

One user playing on the West Coast of North America said their friend group have “all had huge issues with latency swings recently,” while another said that “there is also a game breaking bug in TFT [TeamFight Tactics] which is giving people dragon re-roll rate to 30 per cent by level siz.” The user added that their friends played a few games yesterday (August 17) and “every game is overrun with people abusing it.”

Riot has yet to comment on the reported issues, although it’s possible it could release a post detailing what’s changed after maintenance is over.

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