‘League Of Legends’ patch 11.18 brings Pentakill skins and balance shakeup

Rock the top lane

Testing has started for League Of Legends patch 11.18 on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), allowing fans to see what will arrive in an update referred to as “part one” of the Worlds patch.

As detailed by Surrenderat20, the upcoming patch will bring an updated line of Pentakill skills to coincide with their Lost Chapter album that releases this month.

This means an all-new Pentakill skin for Viego, with new Lost Chapter skins for Kayle, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona, Karthus and Yorick – all of whom already have older Pentakill skins. Outside of the Pentakill lineup, Hextech Tristana will be releasing as a gemstone exclusive skin and will be available for ten gemstones.


The patch – which was previewed by League Of Legends’ lead game designer earlier in the week – will also make sweeping balance changes to champions in the game.

Certain champions that are considered overbearing in competitive play are being nerfed, particularly in the top lane. Renekton’s fury-empowered stun is being reduced from a 1.5 second to 1 second duration, while Jayce is losing two base AD (attack damage) which will leave him with 52.

While Gangplank is similarly powerful in competitive play, lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu has said that the champion will be receiving a buff – likely due to his struggling win rate in solo queue.

There are also changes to mid laners Zed and Talon, both of which will now do significantly more damage to jungle monsters in an attempt to make them viable across another role.

Singed’s Poison Trail will now cause grevious wounds when his ultimate ability is active, meaning there’s even more reason to never chase a Singed.


League Of Legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Similarly, significant changes are planned for Mundo and Soraka, which should make them stronger when targeted by grevious wounds (which reduces healing received) but weaker outside of these situations. Soraka’s ultimate ability will now remove grevious wounds from recipients of the ability, meaning that her allies receive the full effect of her healing.

In the ADC role, there have been numerous buffs to make a couple more champions viable. Jinx will find a lower mana cost on her Q, while Kai Sa’s Supercharge will have a lower cooldown. Unfortunately for Kalista, her ultimate is being nerfed to keep enemies knocked up for less time. Kog Maw has received much higher capacity for AP builds, as his E has been given a huge 20 per cent extra AP scaling.

There’s plenty more changes – but as they are currently in the PBE, these tweaks could changed based on results and player feedback. As per PCGamesN, expect this patch to go live on September 9.

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