‘League Of Legends’ patch 11.20 brings Halloween skins and Amumu nerfs

Spooky skins and a nerf to everyone's least favourite mummy

Patch 11.20 for League Of Legends is currently being tested on the PBE (Public Beta Environment), revealing a lineup of Halloween skins and balance passes.

Now that the PBE is hosting the changes set for the next League Of Legends patch (detailed by Surrender At 20, spotted by PCGamesN), fans can see what will change in patch 11.20.

To celebrate Halloween, League Of Legends is adding six new skins in the Bewitching line for Fiora, Poppy, Yuumi, Syndra, Nami, and a prestige version of Bewitching Morgana.


In terms of balance changes, 11.20 aims to remove Amumu from his current spot at the top. While he currently excels in multiple lanes, this patch is toning down the damage on his Q and significantly increasing the attached mana cost.

Amumu isn’t the only jungler to receive a nerf in 11.20 – in general, the summoner spell Smite will now provide 10 per cent healing instead of 15 per cent. Taliyah’s also receiving a jungle-focused nerf, as she’ll do decreasing damage to monsters with her subsequent hits. Jarvan’s also being turned down a bit, with his percentage HP damage lowered from 10 per cent to eight.

Other junglers like Elise, Hecarim and Udyr are all getting buffs, however, Hecarim’s W will receive a lower cooldown and receive more healing from non-champion targets. Elise will get slight increases to her base health and armour and, finally, Udyr will do more damage with his Phoenix stance cone damage.

In the top lane, Darius is the biggest winner from patch 11.20 – his W cooldown will now be five seconds at all ranks, meaning it’s an entire two seconds lower at rank one.

For certain other top laners, patch 11.20 isn’t so good. Singed’s E throw will do less damage, while Shen’s passive will give a slightly lower shield. Finally, Irelia’s passive will have an AD ratio of 20 per cent instead of 30 per cent.


As these changes are still sitting on the PBE, there’s a chance that some of the balance tweaks will be changed or outright pulled from patch 11.20. The League Of Legends World Championship will be held on this patch, so there will likely be no dramatic changes added at the last minute to avoid any nasty meta surprises on the stage.

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