‘League Of Legends’ player arrested by off-duty cop in same internet café

Captive audience

A ranked League Of Legends player has been arrested in China after an off-duty policeman spotted him on the same server in an internet café.

As reported by a Chinese news outlet, police officer Yihao Zhang arrested a fellow Ionia Server player at an internet café after the suspect’s League player rank was announced over the speakers in an automated announcement.

When the suspect logged on to his League account it triggered an automated response from the café speakers, alerting fellow players that a challenger was present in the Ionia Server. Ionia is the oldest League server in China and contains a maximum of 650,000 accounts at any one time.


Zhang, who was off duty at the time and playing League with some friends, walked over to see how the top ranks play, and quickly recognised the challenger as a man wanted for a civil assault case.

According to the original news outlet, the man was arrested once the game had finished. Footage of the arrest is available on Chinese social media site, Weibo.

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