‘League Of Legends’ reveals fiery new support champion Milio

Milio is a straightforward enchanter who can remove crowd control effects with his ultimate ability

Riot Games has revealed the abilities of Milio, the next champion to be added to League Of Legends.

Champions are playable characters in League Of Legends that use five abilities to battle their opponents on the game’s map. Milio is the latest champion to be added following K’Sante, and today (March 6) his abilities have been announced.

An enchanter designed to fit the support role – which is for champions who help another teammate in the game’s bottom lane of the map – Milio will use a “cute, anthropomorphic fire” to heal and empower his allies. You can check out Milio’s full list of abilities below:

  • Passive – Fired Up: Milio’s abilities enchant allies on touch, making their next damage deal a burst of extra damage and burn the target.
  • Q – Ultra Mega Fire Kick: Milio kicks a ball that knocks back an enemy. The ball launches upward on hit and falls toward the enemy, damaging and slowing enemies in the area upon impact.
  • W – Cosy Campfire: Milio creates an empowering zone that heals allies and increases attack range to those inside. The zone follows the ally nearest to the cast point.
  • E – Warm Hugs: Milio tosses a shield to an ally, temporarily increasing their movement speed.
  • R – Breath Of Life: Milio unleashes a wave of soothing flames that heal and remove crowd control effects from allies in range.

As for Milio’s story, the Latin-inspired character is the second League champion to come from the Ixtal region of Runeterra. The fire-wielding support is “under pressure” to reverse his family’s exile from the Yun Tal, and uses his fire axiom to help those he encounters on his journey.

“Milio uses his mastery of healing fire to create an eternal flame, which he keeps burning in his furnasita, a backpack of his own making,” Riot has shared. “Because Milio has no formal training, his expression of the fire axiom is less rigid than someone with formal training like Qiyana. And because he’s so far from home, he imbues each of the fuemigos with aspects of his family members’ personalities, even talking to them.”

Last month, Riot Games announced a new pricing model for League Of Legends, which aimed to make acquiring champions easier for newcomers.

In the same month, a job listing at Riot revealed the studio may be working on a Destiny-style multiplayer shooter.

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