‘League Of Legends’ streamer banned after being trapped in 3-hour match

During the lengthy three-hour game, Kim "kkyuahri" So-Hyun was killed nearly 120 times - and was immediately banned for it

A League Of Legends streamer has been banned for 14 days by Riot Games, after being trapped in a three-hour match by trolls who specifically targeted her.

Earlier in the week, Kim ‘kkyuahri’ So-Hyun was streaming to fans when she was stream sniped by viewers – a practice that involves viewers deliberately queuing up at the same time as streamers, in the hopes of getting put in the same match.

Four players – two on So-Hyun’s team, and two on the opposing team – were able to get into the same game, and proceeded to deliberately drag out the match’s length and ruining So-Hyun’s game. While most League Of Legends games roughly last around 30 minutes – sometimes up to an hour – So-Hyun’s match lasted for over three hours.


During this time, the stream snipers on So-Hyun’s team fed the opposing team information on her whereabouts and would deliberately set her up to be killed, all while working to extend the game’s length. So-Hyun was unable to surrender the match, as it requires four out of five players on the team vote to do so.

You can see a condensed version of the event below:

So-Hyun was killed over 117 times during the match, and eventually stopped to go play FIFA. However, after the game finally concluded, So-Hyun was hit with a 14-day suspension from Riot Games, presumably due to an automated anti-griefing system identifying her high death count as trolling.

The game took place on the Korean server for League Of Legends, which has a notorious reputation for streamers and professional players having their matches ruined due to their status. Earlier in the year, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok – who is often targeted to influence bets placed upon his games – said that he “wouldn’t be playingLeague Of Legends‘ Solo Queue if he wasn’t a professional player.

In other gaming news, Ubisoft has announced that anyone who already has a delisted game on Steam will still be able to play it, with several titles set to be removed later in the year.