‘League Of Legends’ team condemns harassment after being mailed a weapon

KT Rolster has since condemned the abuse faced by its players

Professional Korean League Of Legends team KT Rolster has promised to do more to protect its athletes after a box containing an apparent weapon was sent to the team’s training location.

KT Rolster posted about the incident on Facebook, alongside ongoing abuse that’s been causing “pain and anxiety” in multiple members of the team.

Apparently photographs of a weapon were sent to the management, players and coaches, whilst a box containing an actual weapon was sent to the teams practise facility.


In response, KT Rolster has condemned the verbal abuse sent to its players, with proactive measures seemingly on the cards in the near future as a response to the multiple violations of player safety.

League Of Legends Zeri splash art
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games.

According to the statement from KT Rolster, these actions also fall under some specific and relevant laws, like the Criminal Act Article 284 on special intimidation and article 311 on insult. KT Rolster also included mention of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilisation and Information Protection Article 70 (Penalty Provisions).

When writing up the official statement, this article used both the automatic translation on the KT Rolster Facebook page and the reporting of Kevin Kim on Twitter.

Elsewhere in the realm of League Of Legends, Riot Games has fined TSM around £63,000 after CEO Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh was found responsible for “a pattern and practice of disparaging and bullying behaviour”. Dinh is also on a two-year probation.

This follows news from January 2022, where Riot Games announced that it would conduct an investigation into allegations of bullying and workplace misconduct levelled at Dinh.


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