‘Leap’ is a “large-scale” online FPS with snowboards and jetpacks

It's out later this year

A new game called Leap aims to combine class-based first-person shooting with the ability to snowboard and use jetpacks.

Set to launch on Steam‘s Early Access later this year, Leap‘s developer, Blue Isle Studios, has released an announcement trailer for the game.


The trailer starts out looking like a typical first-person shooter before getting more exciting. Action is not just about shooting and sniping down enemies. Players can also ride snowboards, and glide through the sky while they take down foes.

The online shooter offers four different classes. Each will provide players with varying abilities and capabilities. Skills include being able to call in a laser to wipe out enemies or deploying a support shield for protection. Teamwork is crucial here with up to 60 players able to compete on each map.

Blue Isle Studios promise ‘large-scale maps’ which can be explored via jetpacks, grappling hooks, and erm..a ‘mechanical moose’. Other more traditional vehicles will also be an option, as well as the aforementioned rather exciting snowboards.

Previously, Blue Isle Studios worked on Citadel: Forged With Fire, a massive online sandbox RPG. The team also worked on Valley, a first-person adventure for consoles, and Slender: The Arrival, a survival horror game.

It’s fairly early days for Leap, however a closed beta test starts January 19. Players can sign up for access to the beta at the Leap website. It’s also possible to add it to a Steam wishlist.

In other gaming news, Grand Theft Auto 6 could be out by March 2024. That’s according to analysts who have consulted Take-Two‘s latest financial guidance.


Also, Tabletop Simulator has been flooded with transphobic as well as pro-LGBTQ+ reviews on its Steam page.

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