Legacy FPS Boost feature released for Xbox Series S and X

The feature doubles, triples, and in one case, quadruples FPS speeds in older games

Microsoft has announced that the backwards compatible FPS Boost feature is available for all Xbox Series S and X console users from today (February 17).

Announced with an in-depth feature from the team at Digital Foundry, the FPS Boost feature brings better frames per second (FPS) speeds to a limited selection of last-gen titles.

The first five games which have been updated with the new feature are Watch Dogs 2, Sniper Elite 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, UFC 4, and Far Cry 4. The FPS boost feature will come to other titles in the future, although no other details have been provided yet.


Released in late 2016, Watch Dogs 2 has been optimised to run at double its original FPS, which means it runs at a locked 60fps. The only downside to this is that the resolution is still capped at 900p in order to maintain the frame rate.

UFC 4 has received a similar boost, doubling its frame rate to 60fps but locking the resolution to 900p on the Xbox Series S. The Series X fairs slightly better, running at 1080p and locked to 60fps.

The third-person tactical shooter Sniper Elite 4 has been given a boost to 60fps with the caveat of occasional dips. This is still an improvement compared to last gen performance, which regularly fell below 30fps.

Khabib Nurmagomedov
EA Sports UFC 4. Credit: EA Sports

The open-world action adventure, Far Cry 4 has been updated with a frame rate of 60fps across the Series S and X, with a 1440p resolution.

New Super Lucky’s Tale has gained the most substantial performance boost, with the performance on Series S and X being quadruple what it was on the last-gen at 120fps running in 4k resolution.


Frames per second is the measure of how fast an image can be shown. All screens have a native refresh rate, so for example most screens have a 60hz refresh rate. This means the TV can only refresh an image 60 times per second or 60fps for short.

Higher refresh rates can result in a smoother experience while playing, which is why many competitive video games are played at refresh rates that exceed 60fps.

The Xbox Series S and X FPS Boost feature is available from today, and more last-gen titles will be added in the future.

Microsoft also recently published a revised set of accessibility guidelines stating its commitment to “constantly improving and raising the bar for inclusive gaming.”

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