‘Life Is Strange’ dev Dontnod is working on six new games concurrently

One of them is the upcoming game ‘Twin Mirror’

Life Is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment has revealed that it has a total of six games currently in production.

The company’s CEO Oskar Guilbert disclosed the information during an interview with VentureBeat. “Our studio is growing, with six games in production now,” Guilbert said. “Our recent releases have been very successful in terms of press reception and player reception. I’m very proud.”

Of the six games, only one has been announced so far: Twin Mirror is due out December 1. The rest have been described mysteriously as Project 8, Project 9, Project 10 and beyond.


During the interview, Guilbert also spoke at length about the studio’s ambitions, future plans and new Montreal location, which was first announced this May. “For us, [a Montreal studio] was really important because we obviously wanted to be closer to our players in North America,” he said.

“But also because the biggest part of our player base is in North America and our games like Life Is Strange take place in North America,” Guilbert added. “Montreal is also one of the biggest video game ecosystems in the world.”

Twin Mirror will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when it launches next month. The title is the studio’s second release of the year, following the three-episode Tell Me Why in August.

In a mixed three-star review of Tell Me Why, NME’s Jordan Oloman said that the game “feels like a missed opportunity given the ambitious premise” due to its aging framework, though it still has “great characters and a few lovely moments”.

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