‘Life Is Strange: True Colors’ doesn’t have subtitles for songs because of copyright issues

Accessibility takes a hit from copyright law

Square Enix’s Life Is Strange: True Colors is missing subtitles for songs sung by Alex because of copyright issues.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is out today and features two songs sung by protagonist Alex. Unfortunately, these sections have no subtitle accessibility, and Dontnod has provided an explanation as to why.

Laura Kate Dale tweeted, saying that they had received a statement on the lyric subtitles being missing. This said, “Due to licensing restrictions surrounding copyrighted lyrics, subtitles are unfortunately not available during the two sequences where Alex sings… We apologize for the lack of subtitle accessibility during these two sequences.”


They followed up with a further tweet that said, “I pointed out that including them in subtitles is an accessibility standard other publishers aim for.”

Dontnod’s response was, “We will look into ways to improve this for future games across the portfolio.”

In our review of Life Is Strange: True Colors, we said: “Life Is Strange is bold in the way it presents real-life subjects in its games, with one of the most common themes being love. It’s been commonplace within the other games in the series for the player to choose the sexual preference of the main character themselves, but in True Colors, Alex is already established as being bisexual. The change to make the main character canonically queer is a welcome one, as these relationships aren’t often normalized in media, and it just makes Alex feel as authentic as she is written and performed.”

Life Is Strange: True Colors launched today, September 10, on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia.


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