‘Life Is Strange: True Colors” streamer mode leads to awkward dancing

Fans are taking it upon themselves to dub the scene with all manner of music

While streamer mode in Life Is Strange: True Colors is a lifesaver for streamers who don’t want to risk being hit with a copyright notice, the removal of certain music makes for an awkwardly silent dancing scene.

The streamer mode option for Life Is Strange: True Colors disables any licensed music in the game, meaning that streamers can safely play through the game for viewers without risking any automatic DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) strikes.

While this is great for streamers, PC Gamer has spotted that the option causes certain musical scenes in the game to play without any accompanying music, causing some very awkward scenes as characters sing and dance without music.


The issue is best highlighted in a clip from streamer Qwavii, who shows a scene where characters are (meant to be) dancing along to a Kings Of Leon song. In streamer mode however, the only audio involved is the dialogue and squeaking of shoes.

While streamer mode opts for replacing the music with silence, Life Is Strange: True Colors is receiving some not-quite-official soundtracking courtesy of fans. Below is a clip from Twitter user ‘@AOLatAOLdotcom’ that replaces the silence with Donkey Kong 64‘s beloved DK Rap.

Licensing restrictions also mean that lyrics for two songs that Alex sings in the game are unavailable. Last Friday (September 10), journalist Laura Kate Dale was provided the following statement on the subject:

“Due to licensing restrictions surrounding copyrighted lyrics, subtitles are unfortunately not available during the two sequences where Alex sings…We apologise for the lack of subtitle accessibility during these two sequences.”


In our review of Life Is Strange: True Colours, we gave the game a four out of five rating and said it “introduces one of the best protagonists in the franchise yet and excels in its core gameplay mechanics”.

In other news, Sega and Atlus are sharing the stage to announce a “new RPG” in just two weeks.

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