Listen to an emo version of the Nintendo Wii’s ‘Mii Channel Theme’

Mii Chemical Romance

American emo band The Frequency Of Bread have covered the iconic ‘Mii Channel Theme’ – check out below.

There were a lot of things to love about the Wii (there’s a reason it’s one of the biggest selling consoles of all time) but the music was definitely up there. One particular highlight was the background music that played while players designed their custom avatars – known as Miis.

Well, now an emo band from America has decided to give that jangly elevator music an emo twist. Check out The Frequency Of Bread’s live cover of the ‘Mii Channel Theme’ below, via Reddit.

Mii channel (cover) – The Frequency of Bread from indie_rock


The Frequency Of Bread aren’t the first band to put a rock spin on a classic Nintendo theme though, with Standards mashing up the ‘Wii Channel Theme’ with Super Mario’s iconic score. Check that out below.

mario + mii :>

Mario + Mii !!! 🍊🍊 weeewoooooyoutube: us on instagram: @ wearestandardsalso we have Cool March Shows:thurs mar 15, California Institute of the Arts supershop lobby: Free!! Yardsss ∅∀‡, Standards, NQQV (CalArts Gallery Night!)mon mar 19, Lot 1: standards // plexus // KY // chase jacksonfri mar 30th, White Oak Music and Arts: Incipience / standards. / Push / Little Homies / Jesse Renderossat mar 31, Bridgetown DIY SoCal Prog bands presents Prog Music Lab

Posted by standards on Monday, March 12, 2018

As the comments in both videos suggest, both bands might need to watch out for Nintendo’s lawyers. At the start of the year, Nintendo issued “over 1300 copyright blocks” on soundtrack videos which led to YouTuber Gilvasunner deleting his channel in protest.

Back in 2019, they asked Nintendo to “please put your soundtracks on Spotify and/or other music streaming services. Namco, Square, Capcom and others have already seen the light, when will you?” but as it stands, it’s still impossible to legally listen to a bulk of Nintendo’s music outside of their games with the company forcing the removal of unofficial uploads.

However, some progress has been made. In February, Pokémon launched an official sound library of tracks from the original Diamond & Pearl games, free for fans to download and use.


Earlier this year, a cover of ‘Meta Knight’s Revenge’ by The 8-Bit Big Band was nominated for the Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella award back in 2021, and was announced as the category’s winner at this year’s Grammys in April.

Receiving the award, composer Charlie Rosen thanked Nintendo and Kirby composer Jun Ishikawa, who has composed nearly every game in the Kirby franchise – including the series’ latest entry, Kirby And The Forgotten Land.

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