‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ is making a comeback

The zombie game was originally made by 'No More Heroes' creator Suda51

It’s been announced that Lollipop Chainsaw will be making a return.

The zombie game, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, was originally released in 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3 and starred cheerleader-turned-zombie slayer Juliet Starling and the head of her former boyfriend Nick.

Despite the fact writer and director Suda51 had just released cult favourites Killer7 alongside No More Heroes, and the game’s script was worked on by Guardians Of The Galaxy’s James Gunn, Lollipop Chainsaw garnered mixed reviews at launch and never received a sequel.


The game is not backwards compatible on Xbox, isn’t listed among the streamable PS3 games on the new PS Plus, and was never released on PC.

However, Lollipop Chainsaw recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, with executive producer Yoshimi Yasuda taking to Twitter to announce “Lollipop Chainsaw is back by (his new studio) Dragami Games. Please look forward to it.”

No further details have been confirmed, with fans hoping for a remaster or a sequel. However, neither Suda51 nor co-writer Gunn have commented on Lollipop Chainsaw’s revival.

Speaking about working with Gunn, Suda told NME that, “James, who was oozing with talent even back then, took the [game’s] scenario and totally amplified the awesomeness,” Suda recalled. “I was able to meet with him in person at the Lollipop Chainsaw event we did at GDC, he was a very pleasant and polite creator. I have nothing but great memories of that collaboration.”


In other news, Todd Howard, director at Bethesda Softworks, has revealed the company’s roadmap for the next few years. Following the release of Starfield in 2023, the studio will then release The Elder Scrolls 6, with Fallout 5 following after that.

Speaking about the wait between games, Howard said: “They do take a while, I wish they came out faster, I really do, we’re trying as hard as we can, but we want them to be as best as they can be for everybody.”

It comes as Microsoft hosted the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase this weekend, bringing with it over an hour-and-a-half of news, trailers, and announcements. All the games shown are going to be available to play within the next 12 months, giving us more refined release date windows on many titles. Loads of what was shown will also be available day one on Xbox Game Passcheck out the full list of announcements here.


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