London Games Festival offers five free demos via streaming

The demos are available for a limited time

Five games shown off at the London Games Festival have free streamable demos starting today (April 1).

Available until April 10, the free streamable demos on PC will be playable whilst the London Games Festival is running. Each of the indie games can be played directly from the festival’s showcase site, which you can find here.

The five game demos on offer are for:

  • Grimoire Groves
  • Lab Rat
  • Mask Of The Rose
  • Paper Trail

Those based in the UK, Western Europe and the US can play the demos, as the London Games Festival has teamed up with Microsoft Azure and Gamestream to let players stream each game for 60 minutes, for which their progress is not saved when the time runs out.

Silt Image credit: Spiral Circus

The games are playable on Windows, MacOS and Linux devices, and support both gamepad and keyboard/mouse play.

The full selection of games on show can be found here, and it includes the above demos as well as games like PowerWash Simulator, Mythbusters: The Game and Trolley Problem, Inc.

As a hybrid event, the London Games Festival is offering both in-person activities and online panels and announcements, which you can find out about here.

Festival director Michael French said: “London Games Festival is continually looking for new ways to champion and promote new games – and thanks to this exciting partnership with Microsoft Azure and Gamestream we have delivered something fresh and special. We believe this is the first time a global games festival has offered streaming access to games at the event to attendees in different territories.”


In other news, the ESA has confirmed that the digital E3 event for this year has been cancelled, meaning the show will return in 2023. This follows the cancellation of the physical event earlier in the year.

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