‘Lost Ark’ continues to have issues with bots according to players

Gold seller spam is also a problem

Lost Ark remains hugely popular but is running into issues with gold spamming and bots, according to reports.

First spotted by PCGamesN, many players have taken to the Lost Ark subreddit to complain about these problems. This includes bots that are grinding starter zones for completion percentages. Elsewhere, some bots are hogging major enemy spawns which disrupts play for regular players. On the official Lost Ark forum, players also mentioned how they have encountered several bots that are chain-questing to level up faster.

Problems with gold seller spam is also a continuing bugbear for fans, with even more posts touching on that topic. Gold seller spam is a common issue in many MMOs so Lost Ark is not the only victim here, but it is a huge irritant. Spam in chat channels can make it much harder to arrange anything in a public setting.


Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate RPG.

Recently, Amazon Games and Smilegate said they were working on the issue. In a statement, the developer explained “we will continue to monitor, remove these gold spammers, and take actions as needed”. In the meantime, players are told to “create a new chat tab by clicking the “+” icon in the chat box”. By doing so, the player can then select the chat types they want to include or exclude.

In the same update, the developer admitted that server transfers were “not a viable option” just yet despite growing demand.

As part of NME’s review of Lost Ark, we called it “satisfying…yet strangely empty” to play.

In other gaming news, Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus games for March. These include Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends and Ghostrunner.

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