‘Lost Ark’ developer says new classes may be revealed in a roadmap

"The roadmap is still going to happen (I assume classes will be a part of it)..."

Smilegate has confirmed it will add more classes to its MMO Lost Ark over time, although players should expect a roadmap first.

As reported by PCGamesN, a Smilegate community manager named Roxx has explained that although the plan was to add 15 classes to the MMO, the studio will introduce more in the future.

In a forum post, Roxx said: “This plan has not changed, and we will be rolling out new content in a steady cadence for players, since it is a live service game.”


Following further questions from fans on the forum, the community manager also said that a roadmap is in the works and believes that the upcoming classes will be a part of it.

“The roadmap is still going to happen (I assume classes will be a part of it), but [not] right now since we’re focusing on resolving the launch issues,” they said. “We don’t want to push it out or run ahead too quickly before addressing what is outstanding.”

Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate

Following the western launch of the Korean MMO on February 11, there were reports of players being kicked from specific EU servers while waiting in lengthy queues. For this reason, the developer implemented a new server and resolved the booting problems.

However, with one problem solved, more seem to be plaguing the game, which comes in the form of bots. Lost Ark players have recently reported running into issues with gold spamming and bots grinding start zones for completion percentages, while others are hogging major enemy spawns.

Gold spamming is a big issue with MMOs, and Lost Ark is no exception, with bots filling chat channels with messages trying to sell gold. Smilegate has said it is currently working on both problems.


In other news, the March PlayStation Plus games have been revealed.

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