‘Lost Ark’ developer says to avoid Tytalos Guardian Raid until it’s fixed

Players who were affected may receive compensation

Amazon Game Studios has confirmed that there is currently an issue in Lost Ark that makes completing the Tytalos Guardian Raid “extremely difficult,” though clarified that it is working with Smilegate to release a fix today (March 14).

Yesterday (March 13), Amazon Game Studios shared that it is “aware of an issue within the Tytalos Guardian Raid that makes defeating Tytalos in the time frame allotted extremely difficult for the power level required to participate in the Guardian Raid,” and acknowledged that it is causing “a blocker for progression”.

Though the studio says a fix should be released in Lost Ark later today, it warns that “for the time being, we strongly suggest avoiding the Tytalos Guardian Raid so you do not expend valuable time or resources on an encounter that is currently not performing correctly.”


Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate

There’s a chance that players affected by this issue will be compensated for their time, however. In the forum post, Amazon Game Studios says it is “working to create a possible compensation for the players who were blocked from progressing due to this issue with Tytalos,” though more information on that won’t be revealed just yet.

Both Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate are currently working to address various other issues with the popular MMO. On Friday (March 11), the developers shared an update on the community’s top issues with the game. In the forum post, it was revealed that improvements to bot prevention is on the way – and requested fixes for matchmaking and log-in queues for Europe Central have been implemented successfully.

There’s plenty of other updates slated for Lost Ark. Amazon Game Studios’ franchise leader Soomin Park recently shared that the western version of Lost Ark will “catch up quickly” to its eastern counterpart, thanks to the studio’s “post-launch content plans”.

In other news, Bandai Namco has donated £650,000 to Save The Children.