‘Lost Ark’ players are review bombing the MMO over locked server issues

Many free-to-play fans have been unable to play with their pay-to-play friends

Lost Ark is currently being review bombed on Steam due to issues with free-to-play players unable to play with those who bought premium copies of the MMO.

Though Lost Ark only launched in full last Friday (February 11), anyone who bought a ‘Founder’s Pack’ edition has been able to play the MMO since February 8.

However, the unforeseen popularity of this headstart phase meant that many of these early servers were quickly filled up, causing server queues due to over-popularity.


To combat this, Lost Ark developer Smilegate implemented a character creation cap on 11 of these servers, meaning that new players cannot make characters on them “for the foreseeable future”.

This has caused a rift where many free-to-play fans cannot play with any of their friends who bought premium copies to play the MMO early, as many of the first servers to open have now been closed off to new players.

Amazon Lost Ark
Lost Ark Credit: Amazon

As a result, Lost Ark is the subject of many negative reviews on Steam that have encountered issues with this approach. Some premium players have had to make new characters on other servers to play with their free-to-play friends, while others hope that server transfers will be announced in the future.

“Currently cannot recommend,” reads one review, which it says is because of “no server to server transfers and populated servers have 4-6 hour queues in EU servers [which] has only gotten worse.”

“Can’t play with my friends because they prevented creating characters on their server. They can’t transfer to play with me. I can’t refund the game with 9 mins played on Steam. Lost Ark? More like lost my money,” reads another.


Though it doesn’t mention any news of server transfers, a recent blog from Smilegate did confirm that it is launching an “entirely new region” to accommodate the demand for Lost Ark in Europe.

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