‘Lost Judgment’ post-launch content includes new playable character

The bonus content is included with the digital deluxe and ultimate editions of the game

Lost Judgment will be the first game in the Yakuza franchise to launch globally when it releases later this month. It will also be the first to get a post-launch content roadmap.

Today (September 3), Sega announced that the detective thriller will be receiving a wealth of additional content for players who have pre-ordered the digital deluxe and ultimate editions of the game.

Besides getting access to Lost Judgment three days before its official September 24 launch date, the Detective Essentials Pack available at launch provides additional content in the main game. These include new colours of shiba inu detective dogs, four additional playable Sega Master System games for Yagami’s office console, a rideable Hover Drive hoverboard, additional dateable characters, and even a gauntlet special challenge mode.


A Quick-start Support pack also provides some useful items that can be used at the start to give players a head start, from a Wayfarer’s Lucky Cat that brings in more money to additional Staniman Spark health items.

Sega evidently wants players to keep playing Lost Judgment after launch though, as the School Stories Expansion Pack releases on October 26, which includes more activities in the game’s school clubs.

These include being able to fight Yagami’s associates in the boxing ring, riding around in a new motorcycle on a new course, new costumes and moves on the Dance Team, as well as a new robot to tinker with at the Robotics Club. Furthermore, Yagami’s boxing style will also be added as a fighting style along with his three other martial arts styles.

The highlight of Lost Judgment‘s post-release content however is ‘The Kaito Files’ arriving in Spring 2022. This independent story scenario has players in control of Yagami’s detective agency partner and fan-favourite Kaito, who will have his own signature fighting style.

‘The Kaito Files’ will only be available in the digital ultimate edition of Lost Judgment, while the rest of the above are included in both digital deluxe and ultimate editions. There is no confirmation on whether these expansions will be available to purchase separately, although all copies of the game include both last-gen and next-gen versions.


While post-launch content for Lost Judgment will please fans, a disagreement on bringing the game to PC may reportedly bring the series to an end.

Elsewhere, Disney’s The Jungle Book is now in Fall Guys Season Five.

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