‘Luto’ is a brand new first-person horror game inspired by ‘P.T.’

Cursed to walk corridors forever

A new first-person horror game called Luto has been announced for PlayStation and PC.

Luto, which looks to be inspired by Hideo Kojima’s short-lived horror demo P.T., is in development by Broken Bird Studios.

A teaser trailer shows a short walk through a detailed corridor in a house, along with a few more shots. It also features a voiceover that talks about Hell, which says: “The worst part about Hell is not the flames, it’s the hopelessness”.


Despite only being available for a short time after its release in 2014, P.T. (short for Playable Teaser) gained cult status as it was revealed to be a playable promotion for a new game in the long-running Silent Hill universe, titled Silent Hills.

The game was set to be directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, with the protagonist played by Norman Reedus. Whilst nothing came of Silent Hills Kojima and Reedus worked together on Death Stranding, which also featured an appearance from del Toro.

There is no release date confirmed for Luto, which is being promoted by Publisher Lanzadera.

P.T. has continued to make news long after its release, with an indie team making a homage to the horror game and long-running comedy Seinfeld, called Sinfeld Remastered.


The game, originally created in Dreams, allowed players to walk through familiar Seinfeld territory. Jerry’s apartment was fully explorable, as was Kramer’s alongside several other locations, but the new Sinfeld Remastered has considerably increased the game’s content.

In other horror game news, Resident Evil 3‘s nemesis is making his way into Dead by Daylight in a new update planned for release on June 15.

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