‘Madden NFL 22’ prioritises PS5 and Xbox Series X as the PC gets the last-gen offering

EA Sports confirms the upcoming NFL game will focus on next-gen consoles

Madden NFL 22 developer EA Sports has confirmed that the game will prioritise next-gen consoles – with PC gamers missing out on some next-gen features.

When Madden NFL 22 was officially revealed last week, it was revealed that last-gen versions of the American football game will be missing some new features.

Next-gen stats, better AI, stadium atmosphere, and improved movement were all touted as part of the ‘dynamic gameday’ feature of Madden NFL 22 – coming to the next-gen version of the game.


And this experience will be missing from the PC version, too.

The reason, EA Sports confirms, is that Madden NFL 22 will focus on next-gen consoles at launch.

“It’s something being explored for the future,” EA Sports told Sports Gamers Online.

“We’re still early in the transition to next-gen and right now the team is focused on making the best, quality experience on new consoles before looking to upgrade other platforms.”

Although this isn’t a blanket ban on last-gen support, it looks as though PC gamers will be forced to hold out for a future patch to incorporate the new ‘dynamic gameday’ features.

But that’s no guarantee, either – it could also mean that these features won’t be added to the PC until Madden NFL 23 or beyond.


Either way, PC fans have been vocal with their disappointment, especially as PC players only started getting Madden NFL games again in 2019.