Making ‘The Simpsons: Hit & Run’ reboot happen would be “complicated”

'The Simpsons' co-showrunner Matt Selman would love to see the game return though

The current co-showrunner of The Simpsons has admitted that he would love to see a remastered version of the legendary The Simpsons: Hit & Run game.

Talking to IGN, Matt Selman shared his desire for an updated version of the game but admitted “it’s a complicated corporate octopus to try to make that happen.”

The game, released in 2003 for GameCube, Playstation 2, Xbox and PC, was basically Springfield’s answer to Grand Theft Auto. It sold over 3 million units and in the years since, has maintained a dedicated fanbase thanks to its sense of humour, wide-range of The Simpsons references and simple gameplay.


Selman has admitted that development of the game was something of a struggle though. “We were all playing Grand Theft Auto at the time and [the] publisher, they just wanted another driving game. And we were like, everyone’s playing whatever version of Grand Theft Auto, people need to get out of the cars.”

“That was a huge creative battle over whether it was just a ‘driving around doing missions’ game or a ‘getting out of the car and doing missions’ game. But I do think the battle was worth fighting.”

The Simpsons
The Simpsons (Credit: Disney)

It’s not the first time that a possible reboot has been mentioned either. In a 2019 interview with LADBible, The Simpsons: Hit & Run producer Vlad Ceraldi said “I could see it on multiple different types of platforms as a remake or remaster. It would have to take the parties who are in charge of the property to want that to happen and someone out there to decide that they were going to go out and do it. But absolutely, it would be fun to explore those characters and that universe again, that work again.”

He added, “as far as why it stood the test of time, I think it’s a game that kids could play, adults could play, anyone who was fans of the show could try and laugh and have fun with.”


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