Exclusive: ‘Marauders’ gets 14 new ships with major United Allies update

Players will also be able to raid a "colossal" cruiser for new weapons and armour

Small Impact Games and publisher Team17 have announced United Allies — the “largest content update to date” for its Early Access shooter Marauders.

Set to launch on April 25, the United Allies patch will add a “colossal” new cruiser for players to raid, which is owned by the update’s titular United Allies faction.

Aside from their new ship, the United Allies will also bring new cosmetics and equipment for players to loot, including hand grenades, a China Lake grenade launcher, and Sherman plate armour.


The update will also bring 14 new ships for players, who will be able to get their hands on them by purchasing them through an in-game vendor or commandeering the ships in battle.

Team17 has provided an exclusive trailer for United Allies with NME, which you can check out below:

Additionally, developer Small Impact Games has detailed a number of community-requested features that will arrive in Marauders with next week’s update. A proximity voice chat will allow players to communicate with fellow raiders, while a new resource called Wreckage will allow players to conduct in-flight salvaging through ship airlocks.

Small Impact Games has also teased that explosive barrels and in-raid vendors will be introduced with the United Allies update.

Marauders launched through Steam Early Access last October, and is set in an alternate reality where World War One never ended. In this timeline, players – dubbed “marauders” – must fight each other and AI enemies to escape from raids with new weapons, armour and loot.


“Plunder a sci-fi battleground and embark on daring raids for troves of valuable loot, then get out alive to claim your spoils and turn a healthy profit,” Marauders‘ Steam page summarises.

Last year, Small Impact Games’ lead developer Cameron Small told NME that Battlestate Games‘ hardcore shooter Escape From Tarkov as one of Marauders‘ biggest inspirations, and admitted Tarkov‘s close-quarters Factory map “definitely bled” into development.

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