‘Mario Golf Super Rush’ announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced the next installment in the Mario Golf series during its Direct conference

Nintendo has revealed that the next entry in the Mario Golf series, Mario Golf Super Rush, will release for Nintendo Switch on June 25.

It was unveiled in a trailer during the Nintendo Direct event held yesterday evening (February 17). Featuring a familiar cast of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Golf Super Rush will be the first in the series to release on Nintendo Switch, bringing with it several new features.

For the first time ever, players will be able to play Mario Golf using motion controls. Using the Nintendo Joy-Cons, players can swing their controller as they would a real golf club.


Mario Golf Super Rush also features the new speed rush mode, which is a versus mode that pits players against one another by making them run across the golf course between shots. Players tee off at the same time, and then must race across the course, picking up power ups to gain an advantage.

In another first for the series, Super Rush will come with a full story mode which features experience points, levels and the ability to play with a custom Mii character. Players can also take their Mii into online play.

Mario Golf Super Rush will release June 25 on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo also announced yesterday that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character Pyra will join the Super Smash Bro. Ultimate cast. Releasing in March, Pyra will join the already packed roster of fighters, bringing her own set of moves including the ability to call on another character, Mythra. The update will also bring about a new map, which will feature the cast of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in the background, floating on clouds.

During the Nintendo Direct event the brand also announced that the remaster of Link’s high-flying 2011 adventure, The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword, will launch on July 16 for the Switch. It will feature improved graphics as well as a control system update.

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