Mario is now in ‘Garry’s Mod’ with his entire ‘Super Mario 64’ move set

Players can triple jump, wall jump and wing cap their way around 'Garry's Mod' maps

A new Garry’s Mod add-on has brought Mario’s iconic moves from Super Mario 64 to the title, and eager fans can get the plumber in the PC game now.

Called G64, the add-on does more than just put a Mario skin on the player character, it introduces the entire Super Mario 64 move set into the game as well, letting players long jump, dive, wall jump and wing cap (via PC Gamer).

You can see the mod in action below:



“It’s here! G64 is now released to the public,” wrote ckosmic. “This Garry’s Mod add-on allows you to spawn a playable Mario 64 in your favourite maps. Link to installation instructions below.”

Shared by ckosmic, players can get Mario into Garry’s Mod through a GitHub download. Some installation instructions need to be followed, as it isn’t quite as simple as just adding a Steam Workshop add-on for the mod itself.

On top of the G64 download, prospective players need to install a binary module and legally obtain a Super Mario 64 ROM, specifically the US version. Once the mod is in the Steam Apps Garry’s Mod folder, players need to open the game in 64-bit mode and go to Utilities, where you find the mod.

Mario’s inclusion currently has a few bugs as it’s in the pre-release version, with players urged to report any and all bugs and crashes as they happen so they can be ironed out later.


In other news, Player First Games has said it may be willing to prioritise fighters fans are “really excited” for as it brings in new characters.

“If the community is really asking for a certain feature, or they’re really excited about a certain potential character, we could potentially swap things around in prioritisation or we could make adjustments,” said studio co-founder Chris White.

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