Markiplier livestreams the “unbelievable story” behind his broken foot

He admitted to "really milking it"

YouTuber Markiplier detailed on a livestream the “unbelievable story” behind his newly broken foot after posting a photo of the cast on Twitter.

The livestream went up just under an hour after his hospital visit in which Markiplier (real name Mark Fischbach) explained he “didn’t have enough time to film in the hospital”. After promising to “auction off” his crutches when he was done with them, he told the story of his injury.


“I was out, just out for a walk. Little did I know that my entire existence would take a turn. As I took a turn to cross the street I looked both ways, at least I thought I did. It’s all so blurry now…”

He continued to explain his injury as members of his live chat engaged in an outpouring of sympathy. “I heard it break. I heard it… and then I felt it immediately,” he said. “It was like someone just punched me in the foot with a sledgehammer.”

Eventually he relayed the story of how he tripped on a storm drain whilst crossing the road, snapping the bone at the side of his foot.

When asked if it hurt, given Markiplier’s ability to bend his feet backward, he responded: “I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been in a lot of pain before, but to the doctor, I was like… I guess I’m like a five or six…when he was asking me if I needed painkillers!


“I’ve been pepper-sprayed before, I’ve broken bones before, I made a whole video about my pain scale…”

Many new members signed up as the video went on, to which Markiplier responded by wondering aloud: “How do I milk this as much as possible?”

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