‘Marvel Snap’’s latest update finally brings artist credits to the game

Find out who sketched, inked and coloured your favourite cards

The latest update for Marvel Snap includes a new feature that allows players to see the artist credits of a specific card.

While not initially included in the patch notes, the update that went live yesterday (January 11) now allows players to see who sketched, inked and coloured each card in a player’s deck.

Announcing the news on Twitter, senior producer Nicki Broderick said: “So excited to share our updated artist credits in Marvel Snap! The team worked super hard on this and I’m stoked it’s finally live. Ever wonder who worked on your favourite art? Head to your collection and tap on the nameplate to see the artist details!”


“We honestly wanted to have this feature in for global launch but there were other features that took priority,” she added.

The credits can be viewed by tapping the nameplate above the card (which will say either “base” or “variant”) with symbols denoting which artist did what.

Elsewhere in the latest update for Marvel Snap, Aero, Galactus, Leader, and Nova have all been nerfed while Second Dinner’s chief development officer has promised further changes to Leader are in the works.

“Leader’s effect is proving to be very frustrating to many players and polarising in its ability to lock down games and discourage playing some other 6-Cost cards. We are taking a bit of power away from him for now and exploring further changes to the card in the future,” said the patch notes.

Meanwhile, Drax, Groot, Black Cat, Hazmat, and Nakia have all received upgrades to their base stats.


A separate blog post said that Marvel Snap is looking to include first editions in the near future, to go alongside the first-ever series drop, which will make select series 4 and 5 cards cheaper and more common.

It’s not all good news though. The update also includes the “pro bundle” which is aimed at new players and costs £89.99. However, the price caused backlash on social media, with many players worried about the increased monetisation in the game.

In other news, Ubisoft has said it is “surprised” by the low commercial performance of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope.

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