‘Marvel’s Avengers’ has new endgame content in “Omega Level Threat”

We're in the endgame now

Square Enix has launched a new update for Marvel’s Avengers, bringing high-level endgame challenges to the multiplayer superhero brawler.

Live now, the free “Omega Level Threat: Family Reunion” update will see the Avengers fighting a new wave of highly powered enemies, including Super Adaptoids and AIM battle tanks. Missions are designed to challenge teams of players with the game’s “top tier of difficulty”, and reward them with high-end gear for their efforts.

Developer Crystal Dynamics advises that the new Omega Level missions will require a full four-player strike team at Power Level 145 – although, perhaps seeking to drive home the planned difficulty, it recommends that the game’s maximum Power Level of 150 is best. While players will be able to replay missions at will, the best rewards will only be available once per week.


The update also enables players to run existing “Mega Hive” missions with other players, and makes that more accessible by also making permanent one of the more popular changes from a previous update – the ability for teams to play as multiple versions of the same character. The feature debuted as part of the Tachyon Anomaly event in April, but will now be a regular fixture in the game for any multiplayer mission.

Previously, the game insisted on no duplicates for player teams. Given the slim roster of playable heroes in the game – so far only Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Ms Marvel, and both the classic Clint Barton and new recipe Kate Bishop version of Hawkeye – online matchmaking suffered as a result. Removing the limitation has been one of the most popular changes with Avengers players.

Marvel's Avengers
Credit: Square Enix

“End-game multiplayer content like Omega-Level Threat missions and multiplayer Mega Hives are at the top of our players’ wishlists, so we’re excited to deliver this update today,” said Josh Bapst, project director of Marvel’s Avengers, via a statement. “In addition, making the multiple heroes feature permanent means that finding groups will be much faster.”

The update is live now on Marvel’s Avengers on all formats, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.


The Omega Level Threat update isn’t the biggest change coming to the game in the near future though. The “War for Wakanda” expansion is expected to arrive in August 2020, introducing Black Panther to the game. It will reportedly be the longest DLC pack for Marvel’s Avengers yet, expected to add around seven hours of play time to the game.