Marvel’s Avengers removes Denuvo anti-piracy and nerfs Blank Panther

Another game to drop Denuvo

Crystal Dynamics has released an update for Marvel’s Avengers, which nerfs Black Panther’s Nehanda costume and removes Denuvo anti-piracy software.

Marvel’s Avengers latest update has removed the exploit that allows Black Panther players to deal incredibly high amounts of damage. The patch notes say, “An unintended damage buff for Black Panther tied to the Nehanda gear no longer occurs. Yes, we’ve seen the videos.”

The buff in question would stack to such huge amounts that some players have shared videos of them taking down multiplayer bosses in moments while playing solo. The buff was never intended and has now been removed, so Black Panther should now be at a more reasonable power level.


This patch also removes Denuvo anti-piracy software from Marvel’s Avengers. The software is intended to stop cracked versions of the game from being used. However, Denuvo is often blamed for reducing performance and causing frame rate issues. This was exacerbated when Resident Evil Village pirates showed footage of a cracked copy that did not have any of the issues present in the game’s PC version. Denuvo was removed shortly afterwards.

The patch notes also detail several other important changes and fixes. These include better synchronisation of subtitles in The Sounds and the Fury. Gear can also be mass dismantled across tabs now. And Iron Man’s superior Armour is now priced correctly for the ongoing sale.

The patch also adds two new multiplayer mission chains that are focused on multiplayer. Rise and Shine is a daily chain where you need to complete a War Zone with at least one other player to be rewarded with Upgrade modules, XP, and Fragments. The other is Up for the Challenge, which is a weekly version with more objectives and rewards.

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