‘Marvel’s Avengers’ shares PS5 crash fix that resets campaign progress

The developer is currently working on a proper fix, and expects it to be addressed soon

Following reports that fans playing Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 are suffering from crashing issues, developer Crystal Dynamics has shared a temporary fix – though it will involve resetting campaign progress.

Yesterday (March 30), the official Twitter account for Marvel’s Avengers shared that the developer is “continuing to investigate the issue causing a crash for some PS5 players.”

The Tweet says that the team “think we’ve identified a fix that is currently being implemented/tested,” but in the mean time has provided a temporary solution that players can use now.


Crystal Dynamics then provided a workaround for avoiding the PS5 crashes, but clarified that using it “will reset your campaign progress.

“Go to Operations and reset your Reassemble Campaign Progress. As soon as you become young Kamala on A-Day, force close the game from the PS home screen, then you should be able to start Avengers Initiative,” explained the studio.

Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man
Marvel’s Avengers. Credit: Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics said that it hoped to share more news on the fix today (March 31), so far there has been no update on how close the team is to finding a better solution.

Since the temporary fix was announced, some players are reporting that it doesn’t always fix the issue, while others have expressed anger that it involves resetting campaign progress.

There also seems to be another bug that’s causing some players to deal no damage to enemies, with several players reporting it on Twitter.


In other gaming news, Square Enix has shared that Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition will not be launching with the game’s original soundtrack, and will only include the “refined music” that has been created for the remaster.

The studio previously announced that the remaster would include both the original and “refined” soundtracks, but says that was “incorrectly stated”.

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