‘Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy’ collaborates with Adidas

"We thought it would be fitting Star-Lord'd wear a pair of Adidas."

A new collaboration between Adidas and Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy brings six new trainer designs based on different in-game characters.

Marvel has announced its collaboration with Adidas on a range of real life footwear it imagined the Guardians Of The Galaxy would wear in the latest game. The six different sneakers envisioned to be worn by the different Guardians will be available for purchase as part of the limited edition collection next year. Check them out here.

In an interview with Bruno Gauthier Leblanc, art director at Eidos-Montréal, he spoke of the inspiration for the collaboration with Adidas:


“When we started designing young Star-Lord, we thought it would be fitting he’d wear a pair of Adidas. I believe them to be iconic to that era. Afterwards the team started saying how great it would be if we’d actually get to make a real pair. Well, lo and behold, our creative director pitched the idea to Marvel and they loved it and the rest is history.”

Tony Holmes, senior product manager at Adidas spoke about the inspiration behind the designs:

“When talking with the Marvel team and hearing about the game what was the game about. We thought we could bring the characters to life through footwear with the inspiration of the characters incorporated in the shoes. We choose the footwear models that we thought fit the characters attitude.”

The six pieces within the collection are designed to suit Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Drax and Gamora and each of their different play styles in game, with Star-Lord receiving two different designs. The collection will be available 2022.


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