‘Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy’ won’t have DLC or microtransactions says Square Enix

No DLC. Just good times with the Guardians.

Square Enix’s latest game has been revealed as Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, developed by the team at Eidos Montreal, who are best known for their efforts with the Deus Ex game.

The game is a single-player action-adventure game that casts the player as Peter “Star-lord” Quill, the team’s sort-of leader, as they try to save the galaxy from an catastrophe that they might have had a hand

In a pre-E3 press briefing, Mary Demarle, Eidos Montreal’s senior narrative director, that Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy wouldn’t have any downloadable content (DLC) or microtransactions to ensure that everyone can dive into the game on day 1.


In gaming parlance, DLC is a big chunk of content sold as a separate product after the release of the game and requiring the main game. This is often something like a large new area, new systems or even a new character or new storyline.

Microtransactions are largely the same, except they are smaller pieces of content for the game, and often released at pace: think a new outfit for a character.

“There isn’t going to be any DLC for this game, there isn’t going to be any microtransactions,” explains Demarle. “That’s because, for us, it’s very important that on day one, when players get this game, they can have access to everything there is about this game and to experience it.

“So right off the bat, they can get all of the costumes or outfits that are available. They can find all the abilities as they progress through the game, it’s all there.”

Square Enix has confirmed that all of the bonus costumes in the game will be unlockable.  This includes Throwback Guardians Outfit Pack, available for everyone that preorders the game before its October 26, 2021 launch, which lets you dress up the whole team in some classic outfits. It also encludes the costumes included in the Cosmic Deluxe Edition, which are the Star-lord outfits Sunlord and Citylord.


In other news Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming Halo Infinite will feature crossplay as well as free-to-play multiplayer, and will launch this year.

Microsoft also showed off a story trailer of Halo Infinite. In the trailer, the Master Chief can be seen talking to a brand new AI construct. After initially confusing the AI for Cortana, Master Chief realises Cortana is still alive out there and sets out on a journey to find her.