Sony announces new July release date for ‘Iron Man VR’

The game was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic

A month after it was delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced a new release date for Iron Man VR.

The announcement, which was made via Twitter, simply stated: “We are pleased to announce that Marvel’s Iron Man VR will release on July 3. Please look forward to more news in the coming weeks!” No other information has been announced at the moment.

The PlayStation VR exclusive game will cast players as playboy billionaire Tony Stark, setting them in a virtual reality adventure that involves swooping through the air and decimating anything that gets in the way. A slew of famous allies and supervillains are promised, but the core of the story sees Stark engaging in a battle of wits and fists with hacker and anti-corporate activist, Ghost.


Iron Man VR was initially scheduled to be released this Friday (May 15), but was delayed indefinitely due to the pandemic because it wouldn’t allow the company to provide “the launch experience that players deserve.”

An indefinite delay for The Last Of Us Part II was also announced at the time. A new release date for the much-anticipated sequel was announced last month, and will now launch on June 19.

Another PlayStation VR game set to land this summer is Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series. The game follows a Force-sensitive smuggler who is forced into Darth Vader’s service as the Sith Lord tries to resurrect his dead wife, Padmé. Armed with a lightsaber and the Force, players will take on a multitude of enemies, including Vader himself.

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