‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ trailer shows Scarlet Witch in action

The magic wielder has a number of devastating area of effect attacks

Marvel’s Midnight Suns developer Firaxis has showcased the character of Scarlet Witch in a new five-minute video showcase.

A new video was released yesterday (August 20) illustrating what players can do with Scarlet Witch in the XCOM developer’s upcoming superhero strategy game.

The magic wielder relies heavily on positioning and inflicting area of effect (AOE) attacks, with planning an integral part of using her in the field.


When Scarlet Witch uses her Chaos Field ability, allies near her gain one resist at the end of each turn. The ability can even be upgraded to heal allies as well. After engaging with Scarlet Witch in the game’s main hub, The Abbey, players can unlock her passive skill Wrong Place, Wrong Time. This has a 25 per cent chance of adding a random debuff in her vicinity, with upgrades having debuffs apply to all enemies.


Another of her abilities in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Chaos Reigns, forces enemies in her local vicinity to attack each other. When upgraded enemies have a 50 per cent chance to attack each other twice, with a late-game modification adding a redraw ability that can grant some health.

Scarlet Witch’s heroic ability, called No More, completely depletes her health to deal the same amount of damage to all enemies in her AOE field.

Marvel's Midnight Suns. Credit: Firaxis.
Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Credit: Firaxis.


This follows news of another delay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, with it now set to release sometime before March 2023. The strategy game should appear during Marvel and Disney’s first ever games showcase in September, alongside a first look at Amy Hennig’s Marvel ensemble title as well.

A similar video showcasing Doctor Strange was released last month, which detailed the character’s support abilities that can be used during combat.

In other news, a brand new combat overhaul mod for Skyrim makes the game’s fighting more akin to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Elden Ring by revamping its stamina and blocking systems.

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