‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ map will be “nearly double” the first game’s size

Web Wings will offer players a new movement mechanic across the city

Insomniac Games showed off how New York City has evolved in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in Sony’s State Of Play livestream last night (September 15), as well as a whole lot of new Spider Suits.

Senior creative director Bryan Intihar narrated a new trailer which was a deep dive into the open world of the game and spotlighted iconic locations like Midtown High and Brooklyn Visions Academy. Check it out below:


Intihar shared that with the inclusion of Queens and Brooklyn across the East River, the map of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is double that of the original game. Web Wings, a new movement mechanic, can be combined with web swinging to soar over the open spaces of these two boroughs.

In spite of the scale, the PlayStation 5 will let players switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales almost instantaneously. Each of the Spider-Men have separate side stories but their different abilities might determine which character the player would like to use in battles.

Peter’s new Spider-Arms with the Symbiote powers make him an “aggressive and relentless” opponent to enemies and Miles’ bioelectric venom power and evolved venom abilities are unique to him.

Moreover, players will be able to select from 65 suits featuring “new original designs and fan favourites from films and comics”. The new Suit Styles option unlocks different palettes for the suits, too, leading to over 200 customisation possibilities for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 players to express themselves.

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ Credit: Sony

Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe edition of the game will also access another 10 suits, exclusive to this version. These are the result of Insomniac Games inviting artists across comics, games, and films to offer their creative take on the heroism of Spider-Man.


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