‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ features updated Pluto based on new NASA images

Is it a planet, or is it a moon?

Fans have found an updated render of Pluto in Mass Effect Legendary Edition which matches photos taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in 2015.

Posted earlier today (May 16) by Reddit user Kunven, the image shows the in-game render for Pluto, which developers updated to match the images taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft.

Launched in 2005, the New Horizons spacecraft travelled three billion miles over 10 years and flew within 7,800 miles of the dwarf planet.


Mass effect legendary edition pluto render new horizons comparison NASA
Credit: EA / NASA

Mass Effect 2 released five years before NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft reached Pluto, meaning the original render was an estimate. The two different renders can be seen above. Mass Effect 2’s original render is on the left, and the New Horizons render is in the middle. NASA’s New Horizon image of Pluto is in the right.

Players can not visit Pluto in any of the Mass Effect video games. The new render appears during the probe minigame, which involves players scanning planets for minerals. Players can then extract materials using probes which are fired at a planet or moon.

The first game in the series, Mass Effect, also features an updated visual render of Jupiter. In the opening moments of the game, players can see the Normandy spaceship fly past the gas planet.

Mass effect legendary edition Jupiter render
Jupiter in Mass Effect Legendary Edition Credit: EA

Developers based the new render on images taken by the Juno probe. Launched in 2011, the probe reached Jupiter in 2016, sending back high-resolution images of the planet’s atmosphere.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched on Friday (May 14). The collection includes updated visuals, improved gun mechanics, better mako handling and several tweaks across all three games.

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