‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ Quality and Framerate modes revealed

Xbox Series X provides the best of both worlds

BioWare has detailed the various display and framerate options for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

BioWare confirmed that players will be able to toggle between two different modes at any time on all platforms.

The two modes are Favour Quality, which prioritises visual quality in exchange for a lower target framerate, and Favour Framerate, which aims for the highest possible framerate at the cost of lower graphical fidelity.


Favour Framerate targets 60fps on all platforms, except the Xbox Series X, which targets 120fps, and PC, which is hardware dependent but is able to support up to 240fps with a 240hz refresh rate.

Favour Quality aims for the highest possible visual fidelity, which includes the targeting the highest possible resolution.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are able to reach 60fps at 4K UHD resolutions, according to BioWare, but with the Xbox Series X able to hit 120fps in Favour Framerate mode it makes it the best console for players who want the best of both modes.

Full details of all the modes and their performance breakdowns are available on the official Mass Effect Legendary Edition site.

Earlier in the year EA released a trailer that showcased the graphical updates it had made for the remastered collection.


The trailer showed off side-by-side character comparisons, improved beauty passes for environments, and new post-processing effects that would be implemented in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Recently BioWare released new concept art for Dragon Age 4, confirming the appearance of the Grey Wardens in the upcoming fantasy RPG.

Dragon Age 4 was first announced at the Game Awards in 2019, and only snippets of information have been released since.

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