‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ update removes Denuvo DRM

EA shows Denuvo the door

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been updated to run without the controversial anti-piracy software Denuvo, less than a month after the game was originally launched.

The change was first noticed on Reddit, where the community noticed a series of changes for the EA game that had been registered on tracking website SteamDB.

The website, which monitors and details any recent updates to Steam games, logged an update for Mass Effect Legendary edition on Monday (June 7) that included changes to the base .exe file.


After noticing the update, fans investigated and discovered that the file sizes had been significantly reduced by almost 1GB – shared across all three Mass Effect games included in the Legendary Edition.

After further investigation, players confirmed that the removal of Denuvo was responsible for the smaller file sizes.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Mako
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Credit: EA

Denuvo Anti-Tamper is a piece of DRM software that is designed to delay individuals from cracking games and uploading them to torrent sites.

Despite the anti-piracy intentions – which most games have at least some form of – Denuvo has proven particularly controversial since making its appearance on a host of PC games.

Denuvo is an unpopular software amongst PC gamers, in large part due to the fact that games with Denuvo (even entirely single player games) require an existing internet connection at all times to play.


On top of this, there are numerous controversies regarding Denuvo’s effect on the performance of PC games.

There are claims that the software negatively affects the performance of games, which were investigated and proven by Joel Hruska at ExtremeTech.

Denuvo has also been accused of being anti-consumer, though Denuvo representatives have denied these claims.

In other news, Mass Effect Legendary Edition isn’t the first game to ditch Denuvo this month. Last Thursday (June 3), Capcom dropped Denuvo from Monster Hunter: World.