‘Metal: Hellsinger’ is director David Goldfarb’s “favourite project ever”

"I feel so lucky to work with so many great people," shared the veteran developer

The Outsiders director David Goldfarb has shared that upcoming rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger is his “favourite project ever,” and the game’s original prototype was the best he’s “ever made or seen.”

Speaking to NME, Goldfarb explained that Metal: Hellsinger was created when Funcom CEO Rui Casais asked if there was another game he would like to make besides Darkborn, which had just been cancelled.

Goldfarb recalls describing “a metal album cover come to life: only you’re a demon and you’re slaying to the beat,” which started the journey to creating Metal: Hellsinger.


“We did this prototype, and I think it was six weeks of ‘let’s see if we can make this even remotely fun’,” said Goldfarb. “It was the best prototype I’ve ever made or seen. I can’t believe how good [it is]. It’s still fun.”

Metal: Hellsinger
Metal: Hellsinger. Credit: The Outsiders

The prototype was successful, and now Metal: Hellsinger is set to launch on September 15. Ahead of the release, Goldfarb has described it as his “favourite project ever” and discussed what it means to work with the likes of Lamb Of God, Serj Tankian and Trivium‘s Matt Heafy on the soundtrack.

“To be able to work with these people whose music I adore, and even to write lyrics for them and hear them sing it…I feel so lucky to work with so many great people,” said Goldfarb.

NME previewed the rhythm shooter earlier in the year, and said “Metal: Hellsinger is essentially Parappa The Rapper meets Doom – and it’s an absolute blast.”

In other gaming news, Capcom has shared that the music of Street Fighter 6 is “heavily influenced by hip-hop culture,” with producer Shuhei Matsumoto saying that “graffiti, dance, rap, and DJ sounds” will appear in the fighting game.

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