‘Metro 2033’ author on Russian wanted list for comments on Ukraine invasion

The author's 'Metro' book series became a video game franchise in 2010

Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky has been put on the Russian Interior Ministry’s wanted list after condemning the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Players may know Glukhovsky’s work as the basis for the Metro series of games developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games, whilst Glukhovsky is himself Russian.

According to a report from Radio Free Europe on June 7, the author has been accused of discrediting the Russian Army, after he penned an online post condemning his home country’s invasion of Ukraine which began in February.


In a post to Telegram on June 7, Glukhovsky said (translated via PC Gamer): “[I am] accused of discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for a post on Instagram.”

Metro Exodus. Credit: Deep Silver

“I am ready to repeat everything that is said there, ‘Stop the war! Recognise that this is a war against an entire nation and stop it!'” he added. Glukhovsky appears to be referencing this post, in which he wrote “stop this war immediately.”

This was likely flagged as Russian media has been told to not refer to the conflict as a “war” or “invasion,” but instead use the phrase “special military operation.”

As mentioned, Glukhovsky wrote the novel Metro 2033, which was published in the early 2000s. The book was then turned into a video game of the same name in 2010, with sequel Metro: Last Light diverting from sequel novel Metro 2034’s narrative.

“In 2013 the world was devastated by an apocalyptic event, annihilating almost all mankind and turning the Earth’s surface into a poisonous wasteland,” reads the Metro 2033 Redux Steam page. “A handful of survivors took refuge in the depths of the Moscow underground, and human civilisation entered a new Dark Age. The year is 2033.”


In other news, Activision has confirmed that this year’s Warzone 2 will not carry over progression from the 2020 version, as it is built to coexist with Modern Warfare 2.

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