‘Metroid Dread’ amiibo delayed in UK and Europe until November

The game will still be releasing on October 8

Nintendo has announced the delay of Metroid Dread amiibo figures in the UK and Europe, which were due to launch alongside the game.

The amiibo is only available as a two-pack, which has a figure of Samus in her new suit and E.M.M.I., a robot who will be in pursuit of her throughout the game.

The company took to Twitter to confirm that the delay is due to “unforeseen shipping delays”, which means the pack has now been scheduled to launch across the UK and Europe on November 5.


The delay will not impact the launch of Metroid Dread, the first 2D Metroid game in 19 years, which will still be released on October 8 worldwide exclusively on Nintendo Switch. This does however mean that fans planning to use the amiibo’s functionality will not be able to if they plan to play the game at launch.

The Samus figure can be scanned to receive an extra energy tank to increase maximum health the first time, while the E.M.M.I. figure increases Samus’ missile capacity by 10 on the first scan. These can then be scanned once per day to recover health or replenish missiles. However, other existing amiibo from the Metroid series can still be used.

Metroid Dread launches alongside the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which while does not upgrade the internal hardware, does include a number of improvements, notably a 7-inch OLED display, speakers with “enhanced audio”, and 64GB internal storage, while the new sleek dock also comes with an ethernet port.

Ahead of the OLED device’s launch, Nintendo has also given the standard Switch a price drop in the UK and Europe. An update also finally added Bluetooth audio support, although Switch owners have reported some fairly shaky results.


In other Switch-related news, Nintendo could be announcing a new game controller as soon as this week.