‘Metroid Dread’ trailer shows new abilities and details

Spoilers abound in the video

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Metroid Dread alongside a dev report detailing several of Samus’ new abilities.

The new trailer for Metroid Dread shows Samus being defeated and losing all of her abilities. The enemy that attacked her is a Chozo, a highly intelligent and technologically advanced species. They believe their purpose was to spread peace throughout the galaxy but have since faded into obscurity.

There are also several abilities on display for players to use during Samus’ journey. The first of these is the flash shift. This ability allows players to travel forwards or backwards instantly. This can be done up to three times consecutively and is useful in both combat and exploration.


You can see the video below, but beware, it’s filled with spoilers for some game reveals.

Next up is the pulse radar. This ability allows Samus to scan her surroundings to find breakable objects that lead to new areas.

Another ability is the grapple beam which allows Samus to grab specific points at range. These can be pulled to allow progress and exploration. This also allows Samus to swing across gaps or pull herself to the point of contact.

Two missile abilities were also displayed in the Metroid Dread trailer. The first is the ice missile. This weapon allows Samus to freeze opponents, making them vulnerable to follow up attacks. Some frozen enemies can also be used as platforms. The second is the storm missile. This is a small missile that can be fired repeatedly in quick succession. It can also lock onto up to five targets at a time.

Other abilities were also detailed in the developer report and there was a tease for future report that will go into further detail on the mysterious Chozo seen in the trailer and in other Metroid games.


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