Microsoft could be working on bringing Android apps to Xbox consoles

Ray tracing for Angry Birds?

An app listed on the Windows store suggests that Microsoft is testing Android app functionality on Xbox consoles.

A testing app for developers – called Windows Subsystem for Android – is listed on the Microsoft Store, although opening it only results in a blank window. Despite this, the operating systems included in the minimum requirements reveal that it is functional for the Xbox One (thanks, XDA).

This suggests that Microsoft is currently working on a way to allow Android apps to run on Xbox consoles, which follows an earlier announcement that Windows 11 will also be able to run Android applications.


On Tuesday (August 31), Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will launch on October 5 and include a revamped Microsoft Store, which will allegedly “allow more developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to bring their apps to the store”. This move could herald further storefront competition for Steam, which back in July saw Valve defending keeping 30 per cent cut of profits while Microsoft and Epic Games reduced theirs to 12.

When Windows 11 was announced in June, Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay stated “If you’re a gamer, Windows 11 is made for you”, in reference to auto HDR support, an in-built Xbox app and more game-centric Windows 11 features.

While all eligible devices will be offering a free Windows 11 upgrade by “mid-2022”, Microsoft has not yet shared any details on if – or how – the new Android app functionality will be brought to Xbox consoles.

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