‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ UK update adds better airports and landmarks

Several UK cities are being given the Flight Sim treatment

A huge update is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator on February 16, adding many UK cities and airports to the game.

Five new cities are being overhauled with photogrammetry – Bristol, London, Oxford, Cambridge, and Birmingham. According to developers Asobo Studio, the update will include 70+ new landmarks and improvements to 80+ airports.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be updating their landing challenges, and giving more accurate elevation data to the whole of the UK. The update is considered a necessary one, as the use of maps to gather data produced unsatisfactory results according to RockPaperShotgun.


One of the issues set right with the new update is the inclusion of Buckingham Palace, which initially looked like an ‘office block’. Only two UK cities had the photogrammetry treatment in recent updates.

Asabo Studio announced on Twitter that the update was “locked in for release on Tuesday, February 16th.”

Some fans expressed their distaste for the timing of the announcement, which came the day before the planned release date. One commented on Twitter that: “If we had been told last week, or even yesterday that there would be a delay, most people would have been fine with that.”


However, some expressed understanding, with one encouraging the team to “take as much time as you need!” They went on to praise the team, saying “MSFS is nothing less than a miracle and you’re all gods. May anyone bad mouthing you have their aircraft struck by lightning.”

Asobo Studio have been releasing weekly development updates on their Twitter page.