Microsoft investigating alleged security breach by hackers who targeted Nvidia

The hacker group LAPSUS$ has apparently gained access to Bing and Cortana's source codes

Microsoft is reportedly investigating a recent security breach after the hacker group LAPSUS$ claimed it’s gained access to its Windows 11 systems.

This comes from Vice, who reported that, on March 20, LAPSUS$ posted a screenshot of an internal Microsoft developer account to their Telegram channel.

According to the screenshot, the hacker group gained access to an Azure DevOps account, with details about a source code linked “Bing_UX,” “Bing_UX,” and “Cortana” – Microsoft’s search engine and smart assistant.

Credit: Vice

Additional parts of the screenshot feature a mention of “mscomdev,” “microsoft,” and “msblox,” indicating the hacker group may have access to other source codes aside from Bing and Cortana. LAPSUS$ has since deleted the screenshot from its Telegram channel, saying, “Deleted for now will repost later.”

Microsoft has responded to the breach, saying “We are aware of the claims and are investigating” the internal breach, although LAPSUS$ hasn’t made any demands of the company as of writing.

The claims of the breach mean this could affect those who use Windows 11 on a PC or laptop. However, the intentions of the infamous hacking group aren’t clear, but an update from Microsoft will likely inform consumers of the next steps.

Earlier this month, LAPSUS$ hacked into and “completely compromised” US-based technology company Nvidia. The hacking group gained access to Nvidia‘s servers for a week, had admin access, and pulled at least 1TB worth of data.


At the time, an Nvidia spokesperson said: “We are investigating an incident. We don’t have any additional information to share at this time.”

Meanwhile, sales of tech to Russia are beginning to stop as a result of sanctions against the country, following its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, with companies such as Intel and AMD have reportedly halted sales of processors to Russia.

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